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End-to-End Project

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End to End Project - Product Demand Forecasting

Task: Product Demand Forecasting

Forecast daily demand for each product.

Input data available:

  1. Historical sales values (Location: /cxldata/datasets/project/demand_sales_orders_2014_15.csv)

    • CustomerID

    • OrderDate

    • SalesOrderNumber

    • TerritoryID

    • ProductID

    • UnitPrice

    • OrderQty

Additional features that can be computed are:

  1. Using Order date:

    • Date features: year, month, week of month, etc.

    • Time features

    • Season features

    • Weekday-and-weekend features

    • Holiday features: New Year, U.S. Labor Day, U.S. Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc.

Please use the forum below to discuss the problem and post queries.

Data source Acknowledgement: This dataset is taken from the UCI machine learning repository Azure-Blog-Storage-Template Data