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NYSE Closing Price Prediction

NYSE Closing Price Prediction

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14 Concepts | 18 Assessments | 553 Learners

Welcome to this project on NYSE Closing Price Prediction. In this project, you will use Pandas, Keras, and Python in order to build a predictive model and apply it to predict the closing prices.

Time-series modeling has a huge demand in today's numbers-filled world. It has a wide variety of applications in sales s forecasting, prediction of meteorological elements like rainfall, economic forecasting in the financial worlds, and many more.

In this exercise, we shall understand how to predict stock market closing prices for a firm using GRU, a state-of-art deep learning algorithm for sequential data. We shall focus on data cleaning and data modeling to build a predictive model for stock market closing prices.

Skills you will develop:

  • Keras
  • Pandas
  • Data Processing
  • Python
  • Deep Learning