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HDFS - Hands-On with Hue

To upload files from our local machine to HDFS, we can use Hue. Let’s upload a file from our local machine to HDFS using Hue. Login to Hue, click on file browser. On the top left, you can see your home directory in HDFS. Please note that in HDFS you have permissions to create files and directories only in your home directory. Apart from your home directory, you have read permissions on /data and /dataset directories which contain dataset and code provided by CloudxLab.

Let’s upload a file. Click on “Upload”, select the type of file. In our case, we are going to upload normal text file so we will select “Files”. Click on “Select Files” and let's select the file from the local machine. We’ve successfully uploaded the file from our local machine to HDFS.

We can see the user, owner and permissions of the uploaded file in Hue File browser. HDFS file permissions are same as Unix file permissions.