[Optional] MapReduce Programming

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MapReduce Programming - Count the frequency of characters in a file stored in HDFS


Write a MapReduce code to count the frequency of characters in a file stored in HDFS.


The file is located at


Sample Output

Output file will contain the characters and their frequency in the file

a     48839
b     84930
c     84939


  1. Check out the mapper.py and reducer.py in GitHub

  2. If you haven't cloned the CloudxLab GitHub repository, then clone it in your home folder in web console using the below command

    git clone https://github.com/singhabhinav/cloudxlab.git ~/cloudxlab
  3. Else, update the local copy

    cd ~/cloudxlab
    git pull origin master
  4. Go to count_character_frequency directory

    cd ~/cloudxlab/hdpexamples/python-streaming/character_frequency
  5. Run the MapReduce code using Hadoop streaming. Please make sure to save output in mapreduce-programming/character_frequency directory inside your home directory in HDFS. Run the below command

    hadoop jar /usr/hdp/ -input /data/mr/wordcount/big.txt -output mapreduce-programming/character_frequency -mapper mapper.py -file mapper.py -reducer reducer.py -file reducer.py
  6. Check the frequency of characters by typing below command.

    hadoop fs -cat mapreduce-programming/character_frequency/* | tail