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Job Details

Data Engineer at Affable



Job Location


Work Experience

2 Years - 5 Years

Required Qualifications

None /

Job Description

Affable is a venture-backed startup in Singapore, building a platform for brands to discover, engage and measure social media influencers. It raised a seed funding round led by Snap Inc. investor Decacorn Capital.

We are developing artificial intelligence algorithms that profiles influencers and their audience across platforms like Instagram, youtube, twitter, facebook etc. The next wave of digital marketing is through social media influencer and Affable is solving the challenges using advanced machine learning and computer vision.

We are hiring a data engineer to join our team of passionate and exceptional engineers. Your role will be to assist in the development of our data-pipelines & scale our backend. We are dealing with billions of data-points including images, videos & text, and relationships between them. As the lead data engineer, you will be setting up the foundation of our data strategy and taking the captain seat for everything data.

Among other things, you will:

  1. Design, architect and orchestrate our data pipelines
  2. Scale our data acquisition to handle billions of data points and relationships between them
  3. Get the opportunity to build end-to-end machine learning models.

Since we are early stage, you will play an important role in the development of Affable. You will be working directly with the founders in a very fast-paced environment, constantly learning while being a part of a rapidly growing startup.

Compensation?: Competitive and negotiable. Includes stock options. Singapore has one of the lowest tax rates in the world and so the take home pay will be comparatively high.

Required Skills

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