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Job Details

Senior Data Scientist at Medic.life



Job Location

Sierra Vista Way, Provo, USA



Required Qualifications

None /

Job Description

Medic is a healthcare technology company working on the next generation of data-driven precision healthcare. We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist to help derive medically relevant features/predictions from raw sensor data. This will involve both low-level feature extraction, as well as high-level machine learning models.The ideal candidate should have experience working on challenging machine learning problems, as well as experience working in the aws environment. The candidate will not be designing the system architecture, but needs to know how to interact with an aws environment. The ideal candidate would enjoy working on new and exciting problems that don’t necessarily have known solutions. The candidate should be good at proposing possible solutions in the face of uncertainty, and be able to explain why they think their solution is plausible.

Job Tasks -

The primary job tasks are: • Development of machine learning models to correlate raw sensor data to medically relevant predictions • Implementation of the models in an aws architecture • Collection of raw data in various forms • Documentation of code and test procedures

Skills -

The skills which are needed for this job are:

• Programming experience in python • Experience creating machine learning models • Experience working with S3, EC2, and Docker containers • Familiarity with signal analysis • Git • Experience with standard coding practices (unit testing, code coverage, documentations)

Required Skills

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