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About the Course

Since the 2008 global financial crisis, there has been a renewed interest in the financial institutions and financial markets in particular. In this backdrop, the role of informational efficiency and market quality and their implications for global financial markets have never been examined and scrutinized in more detail as it is done today.

This is due to the fact that the modern financial markets of today are increasingly integrated. Driven by news and social media, internet, and high-frequency algorithmic trading, dissemination of news and its incorporation in markets is extremely fast. This has not only raised a question on conventional theories pertaining to financial markets and security analysis, but has also started a debate on the role of regulatory institutions and other aspects related to social welfare objective that are to be achieved with financial markets as a vehicle of channelizing the resources of public to their most optimum use.

With the rise of AI and machine learning (ML), the conventional quantitative methods of investing in financial markets stand at extreme disadvantage. Particularly so because the advent of algorithmic low latency trading has completely changed the landscape of modern financial markets. AI and Machine learning algorithms are able to exploit the inefficiencies of financial markets within a fraction of a second. Therefore, in this battle of speed, technology, and efficiency, only those investors may be able to build capital that are equipped with the knowledge of the latest tools -that is, AI and ML.

With this background, the course offers a practitioner's understanding of AI and ML applications in the field of investment management, through solving real-life financial market problems, using python programming. The course is designed to help students in making a career in investment banking, trading, brokerages, and equity research firms as financial analysts, and other similar managerial and analytical positions. The course does not require any specific technical background or proficiency in coding. The course also offers a good starting point to those with purely academic and research interest.

Program Highlights

PG Certificate from IIT Roorkee

Certificate from IIT Roorkee

Certificate of Completion from IIT Roorkee

1 Week Immersion Program

Learn from Experts

Learn from IIT Roorkee professors and Industry Experts

Placement Eligibility Test

Placement Eligibility Test

Proctored Exams with Deep Learning models with opportunity to get Placed

Hands-On Project

Hands-On Project

Work on real world projects to get an hands-on experience

Timely Doubt Resolution

Timely Doubt Resolution

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Access to Cloud Lab

Access to Cloud Lab

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Hands-on Learning

hands-on lab

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Abhinava Tripathi

Prof. Abhinava Tripathi

Faculty - Department of Management Studies
IIT Roorkee

Prof. Abhinava Tripathi is a faculty of Finance at DOMS, IIT Roorkee. He is a PhD from IIM Lucknow. Previously, He has done his B-Tech. in Chemical Engineering from IIT Roorkee and MBA from IIM Kozhikode. He has more than five years of corporate experience in the banking and financial services industry. This includes managerial and analytical roles in investment banking (SBICAPS, Project Advisory and Structured Finance division), corporate banking (ICICI, Large corporate banking division), and credit rating (ICRA).

His current research focuses on the area of “Liquidity and Market Efficiency” in the context of the Indian market, employing high-frequency trade-book and order-book data. He has published articles in international journals, including Finance Research Letters, International Review of Economics & Finance, Journal of Asset Management, and Studies in Economics and Finance, among others.


Instructor Sandeep Giri

Sandeep Giri

Founder at CloudxLab

Past: Amazon, InMobi, D.E.Shaw

Instructor Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh

Co-Founder at CloudxLab

Past: Byjus

Instructor Praveen

Praveen Pavithran

Co-Founder at Yatis

Past: YourCabs, Cypress Semiconductor


1. Python for AI
1. Foundations of Python
2. Write code using common Python functionality, using Pandas to work with data, reate insightful visualization using Matplotlib, Pandas, and Seaborn, Prepare, analyze, and interpret basic inferential statistics results
2. AI and Machine Learning
1. Understand AI and supervised Machine Learning concepts
2. Explain Regression concepts and write Python code to implement an end-to-end AI project by applying Linear Regression using SciKit Learn library
3. Explain Classification concepts and write Python code to implement an end-to-end AI project by applying Logistic Regression using SciKit Learn library
4. Explain Support Vector Machines, Random Forests, Neural Networks & Deep Learning and write Python code to build AI models
3. Financial Market Microstructure
1. Dealer Markets, Limit-Order Books
2. Measures of Risk and Return (Variance, risk-return framework)
3. Economic theory of choice under uncertainty
4. Liquidity of Financial Markets (Spread, Depth, Immediacy)
4. Financial Market Operations
1. Market infrastructure (trading system design, short-selling, etc.), money markets and capital markets, instruments and interest rates
2. Measures of Risk and Return
5. Portfolio Optimization in the Mean-Variance Framework
1. Two security, multi security case
2. Region of feasibility, short-sale constraints, efficient frontier description, techniques for computing efficient frontier
6. Theories of Asset Pricing
1. Assumptions and derivation of expected return, variance, and covariance
2. Single Index Model & Arbitrage Pricing Model, Information Asymmetry, Inventory models, CAPM
7. Efficient Market Hypotheses and Behavioral Finance
1. Weak, semi-strong, and strong form of efficiency
2. Overreaction and Underreaction hypothesis
3. Effect of investor sentiment on security prices
8. Mutual Funds and Portfolio Performance Appraisal
1. Closed-end and open-end funds, index funds, ETFs
2. Performance measures (Sharpe ratio, Teynor’s measure, Jensen’s alpha), performance measurement with downside risk, Selection and timing
9. Introduction to Fixed Income Securities and derivatives (Bonds, Notes, etc.)
1. Yield-to-maturity computation, valuation of fixed income securities
2. Term structure of interest rates, introduction to forward contracts
3. Risk management with futures & options (Call, Put), pricing of derivatives
4. Put-Call parity, creation of synthetic options
10. Use cases: AI for Investment Insights
1. Build an AI model for a main use case related to investment
2. Prepare AI reports for investment insights
3. Apply the learnings of the course in a real life investment project
11. Predicting the prices of stocks using deep learning
As part of this chapter, we will learn the basics of neural networks, RNN, LSTM to build a model that can predict the prices of stocks
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You will be required to complete at least 80% of the course content and the mandatory projects within 180 days of enrollment to be eligible for the certificate. All the above requirements need to be met within the deadline of the course to be eligible for the certificate from IIT Roorkee.


Basic understanding of Microsoft Excel and high-school level mathematics (geometry and algebra), and most importantly, the passion to learn about financial markets.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to install any software before starting this course?

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    No, this course is for everyone. The complimentary access to CloudxLab courses will help you in learning the required foundations to make the most out of this certificate course.

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    Teaching assistants will be helping you during the weekdays to ensure a seamless learning experience. You will be able to have a session at your and the teaching assistants convenience and get your queries cleared over WhatsApp, email or call. There is no limit to the same as well.

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    We have created a set of Guided Projects on our platform. You may complete these guided projects and earn the certificate for free. Check it out here

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    We understand that you might need course material for a longer duration to make most out of your subscription. You will get lifetime access to the course material so that you can refer to the course material anytime.

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