Free Guided Projects

Learn job-relevant, in-demand skills for free!
Step 1

Follow the instructions

Your instructor provides you step-by-step instructions

Step 2

Write code in the lab

Your workspace is a cloud lab right in your browser, no download required

Step 3

System evaluates your code

System automatically checks your code and provides the feedback

Earn Certificate

For every project you complete at no additional cost
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What are guided projects?

Guided projects help in learning job-relevant skills right from your browser without downloading or installing any software. A guided project can be completed in a couple of hours. You must have an active lab subscription to do the hands-on.

You will also earn a certificate for every project you complete.

How do guided projects work?

Your instructor will provide you the step-by-step instructions. You are supposed to follow the instructions and write the code in the lab (available on the right-hand side of the split-screen). On submissions, our system automatically checks the code and provides the feedback.

How do I purchase guided projects?

Guided projects are free. You must have an active lab subscription to do the hands-on and activate the automated assessment engine. You can signup for the lab for free here

What are the software and hardware requirements for accessing the guided projects?

You will need a desktop/laptop with a web browser and a good internet connection. All the required softwares and libraries are already installed in the lab. Please note the guided projects can not be practiced on mobile devices.

In which technologies guided projects are available?

Currently, the guided projects are in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Big Data technologies.

I have some more questions. Can I talk to someone?

Absolutely! Please contact us here. You can also reach us anytime on our 24/7 support helpline by calling us on +918049202224

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