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Welcome to BootML -
Automated Machine Learning

Create your own Machine learning code from your dataset with the best possible algorithms. No need to worry about any in-depth knowledge of ML

Train your dataset efficiently

Get your Machine Learning code by just following a few simple steps

1.) Select your project to start

You can clone any public project,
edit your existing project or start a fresh new project

2.) Select the appropriate dataset

Use any existing dataset,
or create your own new dataset

3.) Select the features and labels

Features are the input (independent) variables
Labels are the output (dependent) variables

4.) Select the part of data to train on the algorithm

Divide the dataset into test set and training set

5.) Visualize your data

Generate histograms, correlations and the Scatter-matrix for your data variables

6.) Select the numeric data

Encode the (categorical) variables without a numeric value

7.) Feature scaling

Normalize the range of values of raw independent data

8.) Cross-validation

Select a part of the training set into training and model validation

9.) All done!!

Finally, generate your Jupyter notebook with the code that learns from itself