Create Your Course

Create your course online and teach your students using the gamified platform


Integrate videos and make exercises

For the continued evaluation of your learners, you can integrate video content from YouTube and provide a variety of assessments.


With Auto-Quiz, anyone can create a quiz within a minute and share it.

Lab (Cloud Environment)

It is a cluster of computers that comes pre-installed with the necessary technology stack to help your students start right away.

Gamified environment

The platform provides a gamified environment where the system evaluates and provide experience points for a wholesome learning experience

Auto Assessments

The system evaluates the responses and provides real time feedback to the learners

Student Analytics

Get access to detailed statistics(Completion rate, answering attempts etc) of your learners to constantly improve your content and build your instructor profile

Create Your Course

Create an automated assessment and teach people around the globe.


Feature Coming Soon

Create Quiz in one click

  • Scan the multiple-choice questions
  • Get segregated questions and options automatically
  • Share the quiz with your students/friends

How do you do it?

Step 1

Create a Playlist

A Playlist usually deals with a single topic like Linux Basics, Python Basics, GIT. Playlist is similar to presentation which contains slides but with many great features.

Step 2

Add the Slides

Slides can be used to explain a single concept, show a Youtube Video, ask a Multiple Choice Question or use the assessment engine.

Step 3

Share the playlist

You can share the playlist with your students or friends to let them try your playlist



I have some more questions. Can I talk to someone?

Absolutely! Please contact us here.