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About the Placement Eligibility Test

At CloudxLab PET (Placement Eligibility Test), we conduct the proctored tests around the skills which are needed in the industry like data structure algorithms and SQL, distributed computing with spark, Linux, Git, Machine Learning with Scikitlearn, Deep Learning with TensorFlow. A user can register for more than one test.
Improves their chance of getting placed, Earn a skill certificate and get a chance to connect to 250+ recruiters/companies

How to get your dream job?

Step 1

Give the Test

The test is going to be proctored, time bound and based on a particular skill in demand.

Step 2

Job Matching

Based on your performance in various test and your profile, we will connect you with the right companies.

Step 3

Get Placed

There might be personal interview rounds with the companies, which will test behavioural and cultural fit.

Registration Closing For PET September'22

Frequently Asked Questions

My laptop camera does not work. Can I give the exam?

You can give the screening round which is not being proctored. In the mains exam, you have to turn on your camera for proctoring.

How would these exam help in getting the placement?

The exams are conducted on the basis of required skills asked by recruiter. Top performing candidates will get shortlisted for the interviews.

Where can I find the link for the test?

The test will be sent to you via mail. As for now, You just need to get registered for the test.