Project - Cat vs Non-cat Classifier - Load the Data

Let's load the data

# Load training data
train_dataset = h5py.File('/cxldata/datasets/project/cat-non-cat/train_catvnoncat.h5', "r")
train_set_x_orig = np.array(train_dataset["train_set_x"][:]) # train set features
train_set_y_orig = np.array(train_dataset["train_set_y"][:]) # train set labels

# Load test data
test_dataset = h5py.File('/cxldata/datasets/project/cat-non-cat/test_catvnoncat.h5', "r")
test_set_x_orig = np.array(test_dataset["test_set_x"][:]) # test set features
test_set_y_orig = np.array(test_dataset["test_set_y"][:]) # test set labels

# Check all the classes
classes = np.array(test_dataset["list_classes"][:])

# Reshape the train and test set labels
train_set_y = train_set_y_orig.reshape((1, train_set_y_orig.shape[0]))
test_set_y = test_set_y_orig.reshape((1, test_set_y_orig.shape[0]))

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