Project - Classify Large Images

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Classify Large Images using Inception v3

About the project

In this project, you will classify images using Inception v3 model.

The video shows how you can use keras tf2 models to classify images.


  1. Download some images of various animals. Load them in Python, for example using the matplotlib.image.mpimg.imread() function. Resize and/or crop them to 299 × 299 pixels, and ensure that they have just three channels (RGB), with no transparency channel

  2. Use Keras APIs to load the model and weights.

  3. Run the model to classify the images you prepared. Display the top 3 predictions for each image, along with the estimated probability (the list of class names is available at

After you are done, save your notebook as classify_large_images_inception_v3.ipynb in your home folder on CloudxLab.

Note: When you load your own image, you should specify the local path of the file and not the http path.

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