Apache ZooKeeper

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ZooKeeper Hands-on - Getting Started

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Getting Started

To get started login to webconsole or ssh at cloudxlab. Type zookeeper-client. This would bring the zoo keeper prompt. This is where we are going to type zookeeper commands.

Lets take a look of all the nodes at the top level by typing ls / You can see there are some znodes. Lets see what are the children znodes under a node called brokers using the following command: ls /brokers Do you see three children znode ids, topics, seqid?

Now, lets see the data inside the znode brokers using get /brokers

You will see all the details about the znode.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am getting error while logging in error is -invalid login or timed out

A: Make sure you're not trying to use SSH on web console as SSH is to access CXL web console on your local machine's terminal. You can simply go to web console, enter your credentials and starts using it. Also you have to login within 60 seconds.

Q: I am getting error while issuing command zookeeper -client the error is -bash: zookeeper: command not found

A: The command to launch zookeeper is: zookeeper-client Please notice there is no space after "zookeeper". In your command, you have kept a space before "-client".

Q: Can we please provide the details regarding the Znodes, brokers and all the terms used here?

A: Earlier, this video was before the theory. The intention was to get your started with commands before learning theory but since many people complained about it. So, we have now moved it after the theory of nodes and broker. I hope you will be comfortable with this sequence.

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