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You are given an array of points of size 300x2 in the file /cxldata/mltut/points.csv in CSV format.

Each row in this file gives the (x, y) coordinates of a point on a map. Make a scatter plot of these points as per the instructions given below, and use the scatter plot to guess how many clusters there are.


1. Load CSV Data

Given a CSV file in the folder /cxldata/mltut/points.csv. You can load as a DataFrame in the notebook using pandas using the following way:

import pandas as pd
pointsdf = pd.read_csv("/cxldata/mltut/points.csv");

Now, convert it into a numpy array

import numpy as np
points = np.array(pointsdf)

2. Extract the X and Y

Create an array called xs that contains the values of points[:,0] - that is, column 0 of points.

 your code comes here

Create an array called ys that contains the values of points[:,1] - that is, column 1 of points.

 your code comes here

3. Plot using matplotlib

You can import it in the following way:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Make a scatter plot by passing xs and ys to the plt.scatter() function. Call the function to show your plot.

 your code comes here

How many clusters do you see?

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