Project - Sentiment Analysis in Hive

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In this step, we calculate the sentiment of each tweet. We create the new table tweets_sentiment which groups the tweets of l3 view on the basis of id, sums up the polarity of each word and assigns each tweet a sentiment label such as positive, negative, or neutral.


What is the sentiment of tweet with id as 330043911940751360?

  1. Launch hive console by typing the hive command in the web console.

  2. Create a tweets_sentiment table. Each row of `tweets_sentiment table stores the sentiment of the tweet. Run below command in the Hive on your web console

    create table tweets_sentiment stored as orc as select 
    when sum( polarity ) > 0 then 'positive' 
    when sum( polarity ) < 0 then 'negative'  
    else 'neutral' end as sentiment 
    from l3 group by id;

    Sample rows of tweets_sentiment table are

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