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Python Project - Churn Emails - Count Number of Messages From Each Email Address

Write a function count_message_from_email which reads the file /cxldata/datasets/project/mbox-short.txt.

This function builds a histogram using a dictionary to count how many messages have come from each email address and returns the dictionary.


If your logic is correct then your function should return a dictionary like the following:

{'stephen.marquard@uct.ac.za': 2, 'louis@media.berkeley.edu': 3, 'zqian@umich.edu': 4, 'rjlowe@iupui.edu': 2, 'cwen@iupui.edu': 5, 'gsilver@umich.edu': 3, 'wagnermr@iupui.edu': 1, 'antranig@caret.cam.ac.uk': 1, 'gopal.ramasammycook@gmail.com': 1, 'david.horwitz@uct.ac.za': 4, 'ray@media.berkeley.edu': 1}

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