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Filtering YAHOO data

Let us filter the data related to YAHOO stocks and majorly work on how to predict the closing prices of YAHOO.


head() displays the top 5 rows of the data frame, whereas head(n) displays the top n rows of the data frame.

shape of a data frame returns a tuple with the number of rows and columns of the data frame.

  • Filter the YHOO data from the data frame df, and store the thus obtained YAHOO data in df_yahoo data frame.

    df_yahoo = df[df['symbol']=='YHOO']
  • View the top 10 rows from the df_yahoo data frame using head().

    << your code comes here >>.head()
  • View the shape of the YAHOO data stored in df_yahoo data frame.

    df_yahoo.<< your code comes here >>

    We observe there are 1762 rows and 7 columns in this data frame.

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