Project - Autoencoders for MNIST Fashion

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Training the Autoencoder

Let us fit the autoencoder model to the train data.

  • Import time module.

    import  << your code comes here >>
  • Use start = time.time() to record the start time of training execution.

    start = time.time()
  • Use fit on stacked_ae to train on X_train, X_train for 20 epochs and validation_data=(X_valid, X_valid).

    history = stacked_ae.<< your code comes here >>(X_train, X_train, epochs=20,
                     validation_data=(X_valid, X_valid))
  • Use end = time.time() to record the end time of training execution.

    end = time.time()
  • Print the time of execution:

    print("Time of execution:", round(end-start,2),"seconds")
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