Project - How to Deploy an Image Classification Model using Flask

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Creating the Uploads Directory

As discussed previously, we create the uploads directory to store the image uploaded to our app. This stored image will be used to display it along with the predictions.


  • We can create a new directory named myDir by using the command mkdir myDir.

  • We can change to the directory named myDir by using the command cd myDir.

  • This uploads directory should be created inside the static directory of the Image-Classification-App directory. So make sure you are in the directory Image-Classification-App/static. You could check your present working directory using the command:


    This command should output the path:


    If the path displayed is not the same as the above, switch to the Image-Classification-App/static using

    cd ~
    cd Image-Classification-App/static
  • Now, create a new directory named uploads using the mkdir command.

  • Change to the directory uploads using cd command.

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