Project- How to Host an Image Classification App on Heroku

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Creating a GitHub Repository

We need to push the project onto GitHub, for us to host our app on Heroku. If you are interested in knowing more about Git and GitHub, feel free to go through Getting Started with Git.

Let us proceed towards creating a GitHub repo.

  • Go to GitHub

  • Sign up to register yourself on GitHub, if you haven't had an account yet. Else, sign-in with your account credentials.

  • In the dashboard, click on the + icon (this is located on the top-right corner before your profile-picture of the website). Then click on New repository:

    enter image description here

  • Create a new repository with the name Heroku-Image-Classification-App.

  • Then click on the Create repository button.

  • Come back to your CloudxLab console visible in the right-side section, and go to the directory Image-Classification-App using:

    cd ~
    cd Image-Classification-App
  • Run git init to initialize a git repository inside your project.

  • Then, add the current project directory Image-Classification-App to git using the command git add .

  • Use git status to see the files which are going to be committed by you.

  • Now commit it - along with a message - using the command git commit -m "first commit" . Here -m indicates the message.

  • Copy the link to the GitHub repo, as highlighted below:

    enter image description here

  • Use the following command and paste the link you copied:

    git remote add origin << your repo link comes here >>
  • We could check the path again, using git remote -v. Make sure the path which is visible here is the same as the one which was earlier copied.

  • Push the project repo into GitHub using the following command:

    git push -u origin master

    When prompted for the username and password, fill-in those details with your GitHub credentials.

  • Now go to the repository you created on the GitHub page and refresh the page. All the files and folders in Image-Classification-App will appear there.

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