Creating the Procfile

  • The Procfile is like a configuration file to our app.

  • Hence we shall define this file.


  • We need to let Heroku know that we are using gunicorn. So we mention web: gunicorn in the Procfile.

  • Followed by web: gunicorn, we write app:app in the Procfile.

    • For app:app, the format is <<filename>>:<<flaskapp_in_that_file>>

    • The app to the left side of : indicates the name of the file where we initialized the Flask and defined routes and methods. Since it is in our case, we just write app to the left side of the :.

    • The app to the right side of : indicates the name of the Flask object inside If we have a quick look inside the file(using nano, we initialized Flask by writing app = Flask(__name__). Thus we write app to the right-side of :.

  • Make sure to be inside the Image-Classification-App directory:

    cd ~
    cd Image-Classification-App
  • Create a file named Procfile using the following command in the console:

    nano Procfile
  • Also, Write the following in the Procfile. One space should be there between web: and gunicorn.

    web: gunicorn app:app

    Then click Ctrl+X, hit the key y, and then the Enter key.

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