Treating Outliers in Python

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How to detect outliers

Outlier can be of two types:

  1. Univariate
  2. Multivariate

In the previous step we have discussed the example of univariate outlier. These outliers can be found when we look at distribution of a single variable. Multivariate outliers are outliers in an n-dimensional space.

Outliers can be detected using multiple methods as follows:

  1. Hypothesis Testing
  2. Z-score method
  3. Robust Z-score
  4. I.Q.R method
  5. Winsorization method(Percentile Capping)
  6. DBSCAN Clustering
  7. Isolation Forest
  8. Visualizing the data

Next, we will see how to use these methods to detect outliers in a dataset.

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