World Happiness Index based on News Sentiment

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Project Overview

The objective of this project is to develop a system that calculates the World Happiness Index based on sentiment analysis of news articles. The system will crawl news pages, gather news data on a daily basis, perform sentiment analysis to determine the sentiment score (-1 to 1) for each news article, and calculate the happiness index for each day. The project will also include visualizing the data using charts and graphs to provide meaningful insights.

Key Features:

Web Crawling: Implement a web crawler to gather news articles from selected news sources. The crawler should collect data on a daily basis, organizing it by date.

Sentiment Analysis: Perform sentiment analysis on the gathered news articles. Assign sentiment scores to each article based on its positive, negative, or neutral sentiment. The sentiment score should range from -1 (indicating bad news) to 1 (indicating good news).

Happiness Index Calculation: Calculate the happiness index based on the sentiment scores of the news articles for each day. The formula is given down.

Data Visualization: Create charts and graphs to visualize the calculated happiness index over time. Provide insights into the fluctuations and trends in the happiness index.

Additional Features (Optional):

Data Aggregation: Aggregate sentiment scores at different levels such as regional or global to calculate happiness indexes for specific regions or the entire world.

User Interface: Develop a user-friendly interface to facilitate data exploration, enabling users to interact with the data, visualize trends, and access detailed information about specific news articles.

Trend Analysis: Implement trend analysis to identify long-term patterns and fluctuations in the happiness index, helping users gain deeper insights into global happiness trends.

By completing this project, learners will gain hands-on experience in web crawling, sentiment analysis, data manipulation, formula development, and data visualization. They will also have the opportunity to explore additional features and customize the project according to their interests and requirements.

Calculating Happiness Index:

Happiness Index = (Sum of (Sentiment Score * Weight)) / Total Weight

In this formula:

Sentiment Score: Each news article will have a sentiment score ranging from -1 to 1, representing the negativity or positivity of the news. Negative scores indicate bad news, while positive scores indicate good news.

Weight: Assign a weight to each sentiment score based on its importance or relevance in determining happiness. The weights can be predefined or customizable.

Sum of (Sentiment Score * Weight): Multiply each sentiment score by its corresponding weight and sum the results for all the news articles.

Total Weight: Calculate the total weight by summing the weights assigned to each sentiment score.

Feel free to customize or modify the formula based on your project's specific needs and considerations.

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