[Optional] MapReduce Programming

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Writing MapReduce code using Eclipse (Window)

It is a walk through of building MapReduce programs. There is no editing. So, feel free to skip.

Login to CloudxLab Source code repository --- Linux Machines Install a good text editor Signup with GitHub Clone https://github.com/cloudxlab/bigdata Login to CloudxLab

git clone https://github.com/cloudxlab/bigdata.git cd bigdata/hdpexamples/java ant jar

Developer Machine -- Linux Machine Install JDK Install Scala IDE Github desktop Export Package WinScp install & upload run the Hadoop jar command

Eclipse -- GitHub -- Linux machine cd bigdata git pull cd hdpexamples/java ant jar

To Run wordcount MapReduce, use: hadoop jar build/jar/hdpexamples.jar com.cloudxlab.wordcount.StubDriver