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    Welcome to this project on the Spam Classifier Project with Logistic Regression Classifier using scikit-learn. In this project, you will use Python and scikit-learn to build a Logistic Regression Classifier, and apply it to predict whether an email is Spam or Ham.

    The world is full of textual data being generated at a very rapid pace each second. The most important data preprocessing steps include accessing and cleansing the real-time data, transforming it to get a refined form, and making it in an ML-algorithm compatible way by representing the textual data into numerical form. You will learn to achieve all …

    Instructor: Cloudxlab
  • Welcome to this project on Sentiment Analysis using TensorFlow 2. This project aims to impart an understanding of how to process English sentences, apply NLP techniques, make the deep learning model understand the context of the sentence, and classify the sentiment the sentence implies.

    Our real-world is being flooded with a lot of reviews all around us. Be it an online shopping mart, movie reviews, offline market, or anything else. It has become very common for us to rely on these reviews. Hence it would be really helpful for a Machine Learning aspirant to understand various techniques related to processing …

    Instructor: Cloudxlab