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    9 Concepts | 14 Questions | 15 Assessments | 2,547 Learners

    Welcome to this project on the Forecasting Bike Rentals with DecisionTreeRegressor, LinearRegression, RandomForestRegressor using scikit-learn. In this project, you will use Python and scikit-learn to build models using the above-mentioned algorithms, and apply them to forecast the bike rentals.

    Forecasting is a regression problem, which is a highly demanded skill in the real world. This exercise enables you to understand the basic workflow to solve a regression problem, which includes data preprocessing and data modeling steps. You will understand how Pandas and scikit-learn, in association with Python, could be used to solve a machine learning problem end-to-end project. In addition …

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
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    48 Concepts | 23 Questions | 24 Assessments | 308 Learners

    This is a beginner-friendly end-to-end project for Machine Learning. The only prerequisite of the project is to know Python. Other than it, everything is covered in the project itself.

    Perks of this project

    • This project is prepared while keeping beginners in mind. It will walk you through all the steps included in a Machine Learning Pipeline in detail.
    • You will learn the answers to the three most important questions, i.e., Why, When, and How to do a particular thing.
    • The concepts used in performing a step are explained there and then in a simple way for beginners.
    • This project …
    Instructor: Shubh Tripathi
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    26 Concepts | 10 Questions | 17 Assessments | 197 Learners

    Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, drawing conclusions, and supporting decision-making.

    The steps to perform Data Analysis depends on the end goal we want to pursue such as to drive business decisions, evaluate performance, for making predictions, etc.

    In this tutorial, we will perform Data Analysis with the end goal of feeding the data to a Machine Learning model i.e for making predictions.

    This is a beginner-friendly end-to-end project for Data Analysis. The only prerequisite of the project is to know Python. Other than it, everything …

    Instructor: Shubh Tripathi