Connect from anywhere

Connect From Anywhere

Connect From Anywhere


While learning any technology, it is important to have access to the real environment from anywhere, anytime - location and time should not be a constraint.

Usually, people learn Big Data and other related technologies by installing a virtual machine which requires a huge amount of installer download and high end computers to install it. As a result, virtual machine installation is not just time consuming, but also restrictive since one may not be able to access the computer on which the virtual machines is installed from anywhere. Generally, those interested, install a virtualized environment on a home machine and are left without a choice when they need to access it during office hours.

CloudxLab Advantage

To solve the downloading, installation, configuration problems we came up with the idea of CloudxLab. You can access CloudxLab from your browser. You would not even need to install the connectivity tools (ssh) such as putty because we have a browser based console. To enjoy learning and practising from anywhere, anytime, use CloudxLab.