No Installation and Compatibility Issues

No Installation and Compatibility Issues

No Installation and Compatibility Issues

Those who like to learn technology on their own, usually install the tools they plan to learn on their machines. This takes some effort and resources slowing down the process of learning. This is doubly true in case of Big Data learning with tools such as a virtual machine to learn Hadoop.

The various difficulties people face are:

1. Downloading

Take a look at the following software size

Hortonworks VM Size

For Hortonworks, the size of the virtual machine is 9 GB (approx), which means it would be very time consuming and expensive to get it downloaded. And what if the connection breaks mid way? You will have to restart the download.

2. Insufficient Hardware

These virtual machines (VM) or sandboxes when installed take huge resources such as RAM, CPU and storage space on your computer. The VM will require approximately 4 GB in RAM. Even with a machine with a RAM of 8 GB, processing will still be too slow to run anything else on the same computer

So, you might have to upgrade the hardware of your computer before installing these virtualized environments (VM/sandboxes)

3. Insufficient Permissions

Many motherboards do not allow the installation of a Virtual Machines. Also, if it is an office computer one may not be able to install the virtual machine because it requires administrator privileges to install anything. For using CloudxLab, you will not require any installation. You can immediately get started.

4. Configuration

If one manages to install virtual machines, configuring the network to log into the sandbox and transferring files in order to test data and code is still a tedious task.

All this can be avoided with CloudxLab where you can log in instantaneously. Enroll Now with ClouxLab and start practicing.