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Job Details

ML Project at Zigfo



Job Location

Remote Internship

Required Qualifications

None /

Job Description

Zigfo Technology Private Limited (www.zigfo.com) is a start-up bringing Technology to fashion & Textiles industry. We are in process of building an ecosystem for online custom-made garments with its 3F concept. Fit, fabric, and fashion being the 3 main pillars of a garment which enhances the persona of a person. Zigfo is a brain child of its founder Rakesh Ranjan who has been a serial Entrepreneur and is keen for bringing technology into bespoke industry. With its mission to become world leading technology provider into Fashion & Textile industry, Zigfo started its journey in January 2017 as a product development company.

Projects will involve recognizing image and predicting the dimensions for clothes and other information related to it. If ML and technology excites you, do apply and we shall discuss more about the projects that you can work upon here.

Required Skills

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