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Junior/Senior Data Scientist at Inviz.Ai Solutions Private Limited

Inviz.Ai Solutions Private Limited

Inviz.Ai Solutions Private Limited

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5,00,000 - 40,00,000



Work Experience

1 Year - 9 Years

Required Qualifications

Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Technology / M. Tech / Master of Engineering /

Job Description

Company Details:

Inviz.Ai Solutions Private Limited is a startup IT software Company. At Inviz, we take pride in the quality of solutions we deliver. While we have a wide breadth of experience in various technologies, we have developed niche expertise and experience in AI, ML, and cloud technology. We are good at problem-solving and are skilled at various technologies, including ML & AI, IOT, etc. Gradually our team grew and now we are located in two countries, India and the United States. For any further details kindly visit our website

We enable business strategy in a multi-format, integrated retail business through the effective use of technology and innovation. We are a software team that works on critical applications, problem-solving tools and web design, while providing expertise in the full software development lifecycle, from concept and design to testing.

Our people are at the heart of what we do and play a pivotal role in coding the future of the Inviz.

Responsibilities (but not limited to):

•Understand the business problem end to end and document them in a way that the business can comprehend •Translate the business problem into a data science problem by analysing the feasibility, data availability, scalability of the solution and implementation feasibility; call out bottlenecks and potential risks that they foresee and suggest potential tweaks that can help them circumvent these bottlenecks •Collect relevant data from varying sources, clean and transform them to make the model ready •Apply various transformations on the data sources, perform extensive exploratory analysis, feature reduction, generation of embeddings, evaluation of the goodness of embeddings, overcome the shortcomings of the data by seeking creative ways of solving the problem •Evaluate the potential solutions of solving the problem by exploring different approaches, algorithms, hyperparameters optimization, creative hacks into the algorithm to optimize the objective function •Understand and suggest the right metrics to measure the performance of the model and make the solution interpretable to the business using creative visualizations •Translate the solution into action by building end-to-end pipelines using various automation and pipeline tools

Preferred Skills (but not limited to):

•Strong background in handling data, writing efficient SQL, python scripts, optimizing a query, loops, identifying the bottlenecks in a code and optimizing them, data structures and design •Strong background in Machine Learning Algorithms in different domains like NLP, CV and structured data •Ability to comprehend white papers and translate them to implementations and tweak them based on custom needs •Experience in building, debugging and explaining complex models like (not restricted to) CNN, LSTM, Transformer models, etc. •Experience in complex and unstructured/unclean data, structuring them, cleaning them and making them model ready •Conversant with tools like sci-kit learn, TensorFlow, genism, scipy, numpy, etc., Docker/Container, flask API, git, etc. •Experience in working on GCP/any other cloud systems

Required Skills

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