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CONSTRUCT3 Game Developer at Vihaa Tech. Llp

Vihaa Tech. Llp

Vihaa Tech. Llp

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200,000 - 300,000

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Required Qualifications

Bachelor of Engineering /

Job Description

We are looking for CONSTRUCT3 Game Developers to join our fastest growing company. You will be responsible for creating international quality games using CONSTRUCT3.

Role: CONSTRUCT3 Game Developer

Location: Ahmedabad

Job Description

  1. Must have knowledge of HTML5 , JAVASCRIPT ,CONSTRUCT 3 tool

  2. Other language programing knowledge will appreciated if have any like C,C++

  3. Excellent knowledge of Construct 3, including experience with scripting, including experience with behavior and tweens.

Job Skills

  1. Constantly learning attitude and stay in touch with evolving game standards

  2. Team player

  3. Skills for writing clean, readable, and easily maintainable code

  4. Good time-management skill

  5. Must have problem solving capability

  6. Ability to work independently or in a team

  7. Strong logical and mathematical skill

  8. Strong attention to detail and knowledge of robust quality assurance practices.

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