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Machine Learning Engineer at CloudxLab



Job Location

Bengaluru • Remote


700,000 - 900,000



Required Qualifications

Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Technology /

Job Description

About CloudxLab

CloudxLab is a team of developers, engineers, and educators passionate about building innovative products to make learning fun, engaging, and for life. We are a highly motivated team who build fresh and lasting learning experiences for our users. Powered by our innovation processes, we provide a gamified environment where learning is fun and constructive. From creative design to intuitive apps we create a seamless learning experience for our users. We upskill engineers in deep tech - make them employable & future-ready.

CloudxLab is looking for Machine Learning Engineers who have good understanding of Machine Learning using Python.

The primary responsibilities of a Machine learning Engineers at CloudxLab are going to be:

  1. Review the machine learning and big data projects submitted by the learners.

  2. Build the test case driven assessments for machine learning, deep learning, Spark and data analytics.

  3. Answer the queries of the learners

  4. When CloudxLab is launching the machine learning and big data projects, contribute to it.

The candidate must be hands on with the following:

  1. Linux

  2. SQL

  3. Data Analysis using Numpy, Pandas and matplotlib

  4. Machine Learning with Scikit Learn

  5. Deep Learning with Tensor flow (1 or 2 either will do)

  6. Apache Spark

As a part of the job application you will have to complete an online assessment test.

The assessment test checks for skills needed for the job and also requires you to submit a blog you have written and published online preferably on LinkedIn. The link to form is below:

Link -

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