Job Details

Senior Software Engineer at Ashv Finance Limited

Ashv Finance Limited

Ashv Finance Limited

Job Location

Bengaluru • Remote

Work Experience

2 Years - 8 Years

Required Qualifications

Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Technology /

Job Description

About the Company

We are fintech (with NBFC license) and are currently in a niche space - lending to Medium and Small Enterprises Our bespoke rating model has ensured that we are profitable in this market. Going forward, we would be expanding into multiple product lines and hence are looking to strengthen our team with people who like the challenge and the opportunity.

Role & Responsibilities

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to help manage our cloud infrastructure on AWS and Digital Ocean with the following responsibilities:

1.Own, Manage and Monitor multiple cloud environments on AWS and Digital Ocean.

2.Troubleshoot Infrastructure, networking issues.

3.Own and manage DevOps deployment pipelines.

4.User Management per applicable policies.

5.Ensure Cloud Security per applicable policies and regulatory requirements.

6.Manage and support audits for Security and Compliance.

Technology Stack includes

1.AWS - including VPC, EC2, ASG, RDS, S3, Route 53, SQS, Lambda, MKS.

2.Digital Ocean.

3.Java, Kafka, Python, Kubernetes, BPM/ Rules Engine, Jenkins, Bitbucket, NGINX, Docker, Keycloak, Neo4J, Netflix Zuul, Grafana, Loki, Prometheus, Sentry, Postgres.

4.Angular/ React, Karma, Jasmine, CSS precompilers like Sass and LESS, React-Native, Android/ iOS, Kotlin.


1.4+ years of Infrastructure and DevOps experience.

2.Hands-on experience with AWS is expected.

3.Hands-on experience with Digital Ocean would be a plus.

4.Linux server administration experience is a must.

5.Knowledge of Immutable Infrastructure is a plus.

6.Experience with DNS, Proxies, Reverse Proxies, Firewalls, Load Balancers required.

7.Demonstrable experience with DevOps toolsets like Code Build/ Code Deploy or Bitbucket/ Jenkins is a must.

8.Experience with containers and orchestration tools like Docker/ Kubernetes/ Helm is a plus.

9.AWS, & DevOps certifications would be a plus.

10.Experience with Infrastructure automation tools like Terraform would be a plus.

11.Experience with IT Audits/ Compliance etc. would be a plus.

12.Previous experience working with Financial Industry/ Digital products is a plus.

Other desired attributes


2.Strong oral/ written communication skills

3.Attention to detail

Required Skills

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