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Front End Developer at Digiquint Solutions Pvt Ltd

Digiquint Solutions Pvt Ltd

Digiquint Solutions Pvt Ltd

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Work Experience

Fresher - 3 Years

Required Qualifications

Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Technology /

Job Description

About the company

Digiquint Solutions helps their clients with customized campaign plans to reach their organizational requirements and campaign goals. Digiquint social media quality survey reports and consumer research analytics with Social media metrics and Bigdata give you a comprehensive understanding that will help us plan, construct, implement & track your digital marketing and social media branding campaigns to reach target audiences for measurable goals which we want to achieve.

Digiquint also values the views, opinions & needs of their clients, and hence We also provide custom-designed Digital marketing and social media services with the best solutions for your business which help you stand out in the crowd and rank your business on all the online platforms.

Skillset required

1.HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

2.Foundation, Bootstrap, and other CSS frameworks


4.AngularJS, React

5.jQuery or Backbone.js

6.Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript

6.MySQL, Oracle


8.API design and development

Job Description & Responsibilities

1.Strong understanding of algorithms, data structures, and system design

2.Understanding of database administration and management

3.Ability to develop front end website architecture and back end website applications

4.Ability to multitask

5.Excellent time-management skills

6.Project-management skills

7.Ability to pay attention to details

8.Good communication skills

9.Problem-solving skills

Required Skills

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