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Hive Project - Step 1 - Process the NSE data

Step1 - Exploring and creating a hive table

As part of this project, we will learn to analyze the stock data using Hive.

The data for this project is located at /data/NYSE_daily in HDFS. Please take a look at the file. You will notice that each line in the file represents a record having tab-separated fields. The name of the fields along with the data types are in the following order:

stockexchange STRING, symbol STRING, ymd STRING, price_open FLOAT, price_high FLOAT, price_low FLOAT, price_close FLOAT, volume INT, price_adj_close FLOAT

  1. Please copy this folder /data/NYSE_daily in your HDFS home directory.
  2. Create a database corresponding to your cloudxlab username
  3. Create a table with the name nyse in your database corresponding to the various fields.

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