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Running Oozie Workflow From Command Line

[Oozie - Example]

Let’s run an Oozie job for MapReduce action. Login to CloudxLab Linux console. Copy Oozie examples to your home directory in the console. Extract files from tar. Edit examples/apps/map-reduce/job.properties and set the value of namenode and jobtracker. We can find the namenode host from Ambari under “HDFS” section.

We will be running examples/apps/map-reduce/workflow.xml in our job. Copy the examples directory to HDFS and run the job using the command displayed on the screen. ip-172-31-13-154.ec2.internal:11000 is the host and port where Oozie server is running.

Press enter. We will get the job id in the command prompt. To check the status of job type command displayed on the screen. Job status is "Running".