Machine Learning Process

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Below is the sample dataset from the Titanic disaster as discussed in one of the previous exercises.

Titanic Dataset

The attributes have the following meaning:

  • Survived - that's the target, 0 means the passenger did not survive, while 1 means he/she survived.
  • Pclass - passenger class.
  • Name, Sex, Age - self-explanatory
  • SibSp - how many siblings & spouses of the passenger aboard the Titanic.
  • Parch - how many children & parents of the passenger aboard the Titanic.
  • Ticket - ticket id
  • Fare - the price paid (in pounds)
  • Cabin - passenger's cabin number
  • Embarked - where the passenger embarked the Titanic

Our task is to build a machine learning model to predict what sorts of people were likely to survive.

Select all the numerical variables in the dataset

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