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Transcript: What is REST? REST stands for representational state transfer. RESTful Web services are one way of providing interoperability between computer systems on the Internet. A restful web service allows user to call GET, PUT, DELETE methods on a URL. A URL has the following parts: scheme, authority, path, filename, parameters, query, and fragment as shown in the figure.

If you want to access HBase tables in your application, you really can't use the hbase shell. In such cases, you can access the Hbase tables using restful interface. The details of various options of get and put is displayed on the screen.

First, you have to start the hbase rest interface. So, login into web console and run the following command:

hbase rest start -p 4040

Here we have specified that the server would run on port 4040. If 4040 is busy you can try using 4041 or 4042 and so on.

Now, we want to access the first row of our table. We will simply use


Notice that the domain name is the same as the domain name of the console. The port is the one on which we started our hbase rest service. sandeepgiri9034 is the name of the table and com.cnn.www is the row key. and contents: is a column name with column family.

We open this URL in the browser, it downloads the results. let us take a look at the downloaded file. You can see that this file contains the value of the cell by opening it in a text editor. Once done, using Hbase rest service, you can stop the service by pressing Control+C on the web console where Hbase rest service was running. If you want to connect to HBase using JDBC, you may want to take a look at Apache Phoenix.

Thank you for attending HBase session.

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