Data Visualization with Matplotlib

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Getting Stared with Matplotlib - How to Install Matplotlib

Here are the various ways you can install Matplotlib in your own computer.


These are the various methods using which you can install Matplotlib.

First, you need to check if you already have Matplotlib installed. To do that, you need to use the following command:

import matplotlib

If you don’t see any error messages, then Matplotlib is already installed on your system. If it is not installed, you can follow the below guidelines to install Matplotlib on your system.

Note: Matplotlib is already installed in our lab, so you do not need to install it again when you are coding in our lab.

  • Installing using Pip: To install Matplotlib using Pip, simply use the below command.

    pip install --user matplotlib
  • Installing using Conda: If you are using Anaconda, please use the command given below to install Matplotlib.

    conda install -c conda-forge matplotlib

If you get any error messages while installing, please refer to the respective user guides for Matplotlib installation. You can find them from the below links:

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