Project - Credit Card Fraud Detection using Machine Learning

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Loading the Data

The data is stored in the location /cxldata/projects/creditcard.csv.

Let us load the data to our work session and display the top 10 rows.


read_csv() reads a comma-separated values (csv) file into DataFrame.

head() displays the top 5 rows of the data frame, whereas head(n) displays the top n rows of the data frame.

shape of a data frame returns a tuple with the number of rows and columns of the data frame.

  • Load the data into data from the location /cxldata/projects/creditcard.csv using pd.read_csv.

    data = << your code comes here >>('/cxldata/projects/creditcard.csv')
  • Display the top 10 rows stored in the dataframe data using head method.

    data.<< your code comes here >>(10)
  • Display the shape of data using shape.


Make sure to write each of these 3 lines in separate code-cells to be able to see the outputs.

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