Project - How to Build a Neural Network for Image Classification with TensorFlow

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Fashion MNIST - Description


Fashion-MNIST is a dataset of Zalando's article images —consisting of a training set of 60,000 examples and a test set of 10,000 examples. Each example is a 28x28 grayscale image, associated with a label.

The objective of the project is - to use Fashion-MNIST data set to identify (predict) different fashion products(articles) from the given images using Machine Learning.

We will be following the below steps to solve this problem:

  1. Importing the libraries

  2. Loading the data

  3. Splitting the data

  4. Visualizing the Data

  5. Building the Model

  6. Fitting the Model

  7. Evaluating the Model Performance


Cloudxlab is using this “Fashion MNIST” problem for its machine learning learners for learning and practicing. Fashion-MNIST dataset is a collection of fashion article's images provided by Zalando . We thank Zalando Research for hosting the dataset.

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