Project - Writing Spark Applications

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Tutorial - Setup Dev Machine

Lets setup our developer machine to run a proper IDE and unit test cases.

To begin with, let's install sublime text editor. It is a very sophisticated text editor. Open and then click on Download menu. Then click on windows 64 download if you have newer version of windows. Else click on "Windows" link.

Once downloaded install it and run it to check if it is properly installed.

Next we install a git client. One of the best git clients is github desktop. Though it is built by github team, it works with any git repository not only github.

Search for github desktop and click on the (or whatever github url you see) and click on the big download button. Wait for it to finish and then install it.

Open the github desktop and Sign into github account by providing your github credentials. It would ask your for name and email specify or leave it as it is and continue and then finish.

Then, using menu item File -> Clone repository, clone your repository as created in the begining of this tutorial by specifying your github repository url. This URL will be of the format followed by your username and bigdata.

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