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Tic Tac Toe with Python - Bring it all together

Now we will write the main function that does the following:

  1. Displays instructions using the display_instructions function
  2. Checks which player will go first and switches the turn accordingly
  3. Initializes and displays the board
  4. Till the time there is a winner, it keeps playing
  5. Once we have a winner (or a draw), it congratulates the winner

And all of these are done by bringing together all the functions that we created so far.

  • Write the main function as shown below:

    def main():
        computer, human = pieces()
        turn = X
        board = new_board()
        while not winner(board):
            if turn == human:
                move = human_move(board, human)
                board[move] = human
                move = computer_move(board, computer, human)
                board[move] = computer
            turn = next_turn(turn)
        the_winner = winner(board)
        congrat_winner(the_winner, computer, human)

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