Project- Removing dead code in Python with Vulture

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What is Vulture?

Vulture is a Python library that is used to remove dead codes from a Python program. But first, let's understand what is a dead code.

Dead code is unused code that cannot be executed during runtime. Maintaining the quality of code is of utmost importance for any serious project. So we need to ensure that all the code is actually used. There are various reasons for dead code ending up in a project like refactoring, misspellings etc. Finding and removing these dead codes allows to keep the code base clean and reduces bugs.

Vulture automatically finds unused code in Python programs which you can then remove from the program. Here are a few benefits of using Vulture:

  • Fast: uses static code analysis
  • Tested: tests itself and has complete test coverage
  • Complements pyflakes and has the same output syntax
  • Sorts unused classes and functions by size with --sort-by-size
  • Supports Python >= 3.6

So let us see how to use Vulture to remove dead codes from a sample program in Python.

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