Introduction to Big Data and Distributed Systems

Introduction to Big Data and Distributed Systems

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As everyone knows, Big Data is a term of fascination in the present-day era of computing. It is in high demand in today’s IT industry and is believed to revolutionize technical solutions like never before.

Upon learning the big data concepts, we will get a vivid picture of the need for clusters of machines (distributed systems), and appreciate the use of this architecture in solving critical problems associated with storing and processing humungous data. In addition, we will get an idea of system design concepts, which aid us in designing scalable and resilient systems - the most desirable kind of systems any product-based company would desire to have for them. System design concepts are - for this reason - one of the most important topics for interviews at product-based companies. There is a booming number of job opportunities related to big data, and this is the reason everyone is excited about learning big data concepts.

But for a newbie, this word might also often sound daunting. But no worries! In this series of playlists on big data, we will explore the theory of big data systems, how they are designed, how various tools - which deal with various ways of dealing with big data - co-exist in a big data environment, and practical implementation of how to use them. In particular, we will concentrate on Apache Hadoop ad Spark, a very famous big data technology.

In this playlist, we are going to get introduced to big data from very scratch. This chapter doesn't require any knowledge of programming or technology. We believe it is very useful for every to learn the basics of Big Data.

In this chapter, we learn the basics of Big Data which include about:

  • Types of data
  • Distributed systems
  • What is Big Data
  • Why do we need big data now
  • Big Data applications
  • Who are Big Data customers

So, jump in!

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