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  • Welcome to this project on Testing App Locally on MiniKube. In this project, we will understand what is Kubernetes and what is Minikube.

    As part of the hands-on, we will learn to set up Minikube with VirtualBox in Windows 10 Home system. We will learn various concepts of Kubernetes like pods, deployments, services, and ingress, and have a look at how we could create them in various ways using different commands. We will also deploy the single container static web application - which we have dockerized as part of the Docker, Travis, and AWS project series - and access it using Kubernetes …

    Instructor: Cloudxlab
  • In this project, we will understand how to deploy a multi-container application on Minikube and GKE.

    We will learn about Kubernetes Deployments, Kubernetes Services, Kubernetes Ingress, Kubernetes Secrets and Kubernetes Persistent Volume Claim. By the end of this project, we will have a fair understanding of the basic workflow of Kubernetes project deployment. We will also be able to appreciate the use of MiniKube before deploying an application onto production, like onto Google Kubernetes Engine. Further, we will also see how to monitor the Kubernetes cluster and scale pods.

    It is very highly recommended to complete the previous projects for …

    Instructor: Cloudxlab