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  • Python for Beginners

    3,532 Learners

    Learn Python foundations, Conditional Execution, Loops, Strings, Files, Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Jupyter and Linux from Industry Experts.

  • Linux Basics

    27 Concepts | 33 Questions | 25 Assessments | 19,177 Learners

    Welcome to the tutorial on Linux Basics.

    As part of this Linux tutorial, you will learn how to work in Linux Console. Most of the command and concepts are same in other Unix based systems.

    Whether you are building a server-side application, creating an API, working data science, Linux is a very important skill. With Linux, you can almost automate anything.

    This tutorial is very hands-on, it would make you do things in real-time in CloudxLab.

    Happy Learning!

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
  • HDFS - Hadoop Distributed File System

    11 Concepts | 44 Questions | 3 Assessments | 10,258 Learners

    Learn Big Data with Hadoop from the industry experts.

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
  • Big Data Introduction

    12 Concepts | 15 Questions | 9,808 Learners

    In this chapter, we learn the basics of Big Data which include various concepts, use-cases and understanding of the eco-system.

    This chapter doesn't require any knowledge of programming or technology. We believe it is very useful for every to learn the basics of Big Data. So, jump in!

    Happy Learning!

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
  • Scala

    30 Concepts | 4 Questions | 18 Assessments | 7,213 Learners

    Welcome to a course in Scala Foundations.

    As part of this course, you will learn how to write programs using Scala.

    Scala is a programming language like Java or Python. The syntax is much like Python while under the hood it compiles to Java. It also comes with both an interactive interpreter and a compiler.

    Further, Scala is designed for scalable computing where the code could be sent to data and codes is also run in parallel.

    Scala is used in the enterprise world and has gain a lot of traction.

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
  • Apache Spark Basics

    16 Concepts | 70 Questions | 1 Assessment | 6,852 Learners

    Learn Big Data with Apache from the Industry Experts.

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
  • Java Essentials

    7 Concepts | 5,830 Learners

    Learn to code in Java from the Industry Experts.

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
  • Project - Sentiment Analysis in Hive

    1 Concept | 8 Questions | 1 Assessment | 5,575 Learners

    Learn how to do sentiment analysis in Hive from the industry experts.

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
  • MapReduce Basics

    9 Concepts | 5,341 Learners

    Learn to filter, sort, multiple reducers in MapReduce.

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
  • MapReduce Programming

    6 Concepts | 3 Questions | 4 Assessments | 4,463 Learners

    MapReduce is Framework as well as a paradigm of computing. By the way of map-reduce, we are able to break-down complex computation into distributed computing.

    As part of this chapter, we are going to learning how to build MapReduce programmes using Java.

    Please make sure you work along with the course instead of just sitting back and watching.

    Happy Learning!

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
  • Spark Streaming

    12 Concepts | 8 Questions | 4,328 Learners

    Spark Streaming is an extension of the core Spark API that enables scalable, high-throughput, fault-tolerant processing of live data streams. Learn Spark Streaming from the industry experts.

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
  • Project - Churn Emails Inbox with Python

    5 Concepts | 6 Assessments | 4,248 Learners

    Welcome to this project on Churning the Emails Inbox with Python. In this project, you will use Python to access the data from files and process it to achieve certain tasks. You will explore the MBox email dataset, and use Python to count lines, headers, subject lines by emails and domains. Know your way on how to work with data in Python.

    Skills you will develop:

    1. Python
    2. File Handling in Python
    Instructor: Abhinav Singh
  • Loading and Saving Data

    8 Concepts | 4,094 Learners

    Learn to load and save data using Spark, compression, and how to handle various file formats using Spark from the industry experts.

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
  • Spark Project - Log Parsing

    1 Concept | 4 Questions | 4,086 Learners

    Whenever you make a request to a web server for a page, it records it in a file which is called logs.

    The logs of a webserver are the gold mines for gaining insights in the user behaviour. Every data scientists usually look at the logs first to understand the behaviour of the users. But since the logs are humongous in size, it takes a distributed framework like Hadoop or Spark to process it.

    As part of this project, you will learn to parse the text data stored in logs of a web server using the Apache Spark.

  • Project - Writing Spark Applications

    16 Concepts | 3,686 Learners

    Learn how to write Spark applications.