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Understanding the foundation of LLMs (ChatGPT / Generative AI)

Starts at:
Friday, October 06 @ 8 p.m. UTC
Ends at:
Friday, October 06 @ 10 p.m. UTC

About the Event

After ChatGPT, a new era of large language models has started. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey into the cutting-edge world of Large Language Models (LLMs) that will change the way you think about language and technology on 6th Oct 4 PM EDT headed by the team of CloudxLab and MYTO AI.

Join us to dive deep into the fascinating world of Generative AI and LLMs.

Meetup Agenda in Brief

  • Meet and Greet
  • A brief talk on "How do LLMs work?" by Sandeep Giri
  • A brief talk on "Current State and Usecases of LLMs" by Dr. Makhan Virdi
  • Serendipitous Networking

Key Takeaways:-

  • Explore the fundamental concepts of Generative AI and its real-world applications.
  • Understand the power and capabilities of LLMs in natural language processing and generation.
  • Learn how to leverage LLMs to create conversational AI solutions.
  • Discover the diverse range of industries and domains where Generative AI with LLMs is making a significant impact.
  • Get access to valuable resources and tools for further exploration.
  • Engage in a Q&A session with AI experts.

If you are in Toronto, you can join the offline Meetup by clicking here.

About Presenter

Makhan Virdi

Makhan Virdi

Lead Research Scientist @NASA

Founder - MYTO AI

Dr. Makhan Virdi currently works as a Senior Research Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) for the Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC DAAC). As the DAAC scientist, he provides scientific direction and programmatic support to the center.

He also acts as a liaison between the science teams for NASA's atmospheric science missions and the scientific community.

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