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Hands-On Project

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Timely Doubt Resolution

Get access to community of learners via our discussion forum

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Access to Cloud Lab

Lab comes pre-installed with all the software you will need to learn and practice.

Hands-on Learning

hands-on lab
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Frequently Asked Questions

What features do I get in a subscription plan?

You will get access to all CloudxLab Self-paced courses, certifications, projects, and cloud lab environment (Except for third-party certification courses and Instructor-led courses).

How can I try subscription plan and decide if it's right for me?

You can take 3-days free trial to experience learning with CloudxLab along with the Cloud lab environment. It gives you the advantage of exploring all features of our subscription plans.

Do I also get access to third-party certification courses and Instructor-led courses?

No, you will have to enroll separately for certification programs from third-party institutions and for Instructor-led programs.

How free subscription plan is different from the others?

In the free subscription plan, you get free trial of all features of the other subscriptions for 3-days.

Can I get multiple certificates with one subscription plan?

Definitely! You may earn multiple certificates with single subscription. All you need is to complete 100% course topics along with the projects given.

How CloudxLab certificate will help me in my career?

The certificate will be awarded by CloudxLab which you may reflect on your LinkedIn, add to your resume, and share with your network. More than 1000+ learners across the globe have completed CloudxLab certificate courses and are working in fortune 500 companies.

How does taking a subscription plan save money?

You can learn as many courses as you want and earn certificates for them at no extra cost.

What if I get doubts during the course or projects?

Subscribers will be provided support by the CloudxLab team through email and the CloudxLab Forum. You may also connect with fellow learners from the Feed section of CloudxLab community.

Will my money will automatically be deducted once my subscription is over?

Absolutely not! You will have to select the desired subscription plan and make the payment in order to continue or upgrade to other subscriptions.

Can I get refund for the subscription I paid for?

You can get complete refund within 3-days of the subscription. However, we suggest taking a 3-days free trial before making a purchase in case of doubts.

Do I have to install any software before subscribing to CloudxLab?

No, we will provide you with access to our online lab and BootML so that you do not have to install anything on your local machine.